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Chinese fishing net


Captured during our visit to munambam near cherai beach last Sunday. The sky was blue, and I got the deep blue color by using a circular polarising filter (cpl). Camera panasonic lumix fz200, f 2.8, cpl filter, 600 mm, hand held, iso 200.


I know where I am going, and I know the truth, and I do not have to be what you want me to be. I am free to be what I want. Muhammad Ali


Captured at kochi marine drive. Again, when I thought everything is over for the day, during the dying moments of the golden hour of the day, that fishing boat crossed the setting sun, making it the best photograph of the day, and one of my favourites. Thanks to lumix fz200, which made this one possible at f2.8, iso400, 600mm.

Coffee is a language in itself. Jackie Chan


Coffee with Jacob at coffee day, fort kochi


After the showers….



Signs of onam festival