learning the language of photography

Photography Insights

Photography have taught me some great life lessons. This list is evolving as I learn more…

  • A photographer evolves through auto, aperture priority, shutter priority and manual modes.
  • There is nothing called a good or bad photograph in a photographer’s life. Your perception of a good photograph changes over time.
  • Very often the photo I considered as very good gets minimum likes, and and sometimes the ones I did not publish for a long time, thinking it is not good enough, get maximum likes.
  • The best photograph of mine, remains as the best one, only till I take a better one.
  • Effort taken for a photograph and the quality of the photograph are not connected
  • Other’s response to your photograph need not be the same as your view
  • A good camera alone will not make you a great photographer
  • I must take photographs which impacts the viewer ……
  • Sometimes I delete photographs which lot of people liked, because I am not convinced
  • Many good photographs happen on the go, using simple equipment
  • An optimist enjoys the beauty of the photograph and appreciates the pain the photographer has undertaken in order to capture it. A pessimist worries about whether the photograph is edited or not.
  • There is a general notion that, all good photographs must be edited.
  • While publishing the photo, the caption matters a lot. The caption and the photo must be in perfect sync. A bad can spoil a good photo. A good caption can uplift a mediocre photo.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Mix up the themes.

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