learning the language of photography


One of the gadgets at home I can remember even today is an agfa box type camera which my father used in the 1960s. I started with an agfa click3, then graduated into an SLR (fully manual Yashika 650 something). That gave me a hang of aperture and shutter speed relationship. Then I got hold of a Nikon D90, which was with me for some time, till I gave it to my daughter. I do not regret that decision because of the photography skills she acquired and for her passion for photography and painting. Then I went for Canon 550D, because it is lighter than a D90, and I find it very easy to use. Canon 550D is still going strong even after two years of hard work. I use my mobiles and a nikon compact as well. The latest addition to the cameras is the national lumix DMC 200. This is a bridge camera, and I am enjoying it. It’s focusing capability is something I adore.


Canon 50mm

Canon 55-250

Canon 18-55

Tokina 11-16


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