learning the language of photography



Digital face



When I lay my head on the pillow at night, I can say I was a decent person today. That’s when I feel beautiful. Barrymore


Thank you Rosanna for this wonderful photograph.

Coffee is a language in itself. Jackie Chan


Coffee with Jacob at coffee day, fort kochi

The violinist

Is it me…?…no, definitely…does he have semblances to me…of course yes…or is this someone who is madly in love with life?. Could be…after all what is life?.. Is it just about growing up, giving birth to next generation, and then saying good bye to everything, or is it all about just pursuing one’s inner call. If one pursues his inner call, then by the worldly standards he could be a disaster..and would that person regret about all that has happened by blindly pursuing the passions within….I am confused, and I do not think Mr.Fernandes, the street singer, the ex aircraft engineer..is confused…he is living on the streets, and delights everyone with his violin skills. He sang a couple of songs for me…and the images of him..just pierced into me….I will take a while to forget him. Good luck Mr.Fernandes…I cannot hate you. Every wrinkle on your face have a story to tell. God bless you friend..


My pad

A peek into the St. Joseph’s lower primary school, in my village. I studied here for three years. The slate has not changed much, even when I make this blog entry using my ipad, after a gap of almost four decades since i left that school. Dear son, you also will use great gadgets when you grow up. God bless you. Aim for the sky. You are the future.